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Club Shirts


Our club shirts are available at a discounted rate to registered club members who have completed 5 recorded rides with us in the last year.

They are available in 3 weights & the following combinations of design features:

Lightweight (summer)    Long or Short Sleeve; full length or short zip.

Midweight Jacket:         Long Sleeve; full length zip

Heavy weight Jacket     Long Sleeve; full length zip

Gilet:                                 Light weight & Heavyweight (both full length zip)

Sizing & Fit: most people order club fit which is looser than race fit. It is however still sized quite tight & most people order at least 1 size larger than they would for standard clothes size. Please try on another member’s shirt before you order to ensure you buy the correct size. (Ladies fit – experience is that these are snug & most of our ladies either order in 2 sizes larger than normal or have the club fit referred to above).

You may find the online fitting guide useful- but bear in mind the sizing comments above.


From time to time we will open our online club ‘shop’ at Champion Systems for a few weeks. (This limited timescale is to enable order consolidation to meet minimum order quantities & get the lowest prices from the supplier). Once all orders are consolidated the shop is closed & the total order is made up & shipped in bulk to the club. The shirts will then be available for collection & you will receive a discount cheque from the club to the value of £15 per shirt.

You should order and pay for your shirt(s) direct from Champion Systems using the following instructions: 

Go to Champion System log-in page: http://eucustom.champ-sys.com/Login/en-GB/Default.aspx and enter the following details in the RIGHT hand (CS Direct) log-in option: 

Username: alfreton

Password: alfretonkit 

After you have entered those log-in details, you then create your own personal sub log-in details so that you can individually order. 

The order facility will close on 28th February 2015.